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Guardian Large

Be Less Vulnerable

Guardian Small

Companion and Helper for Children

Heart Pendant Aqua


Heart Pendant Clear

Intuition-Clarity-Joie de Vivre

Heart Pendant Rose

Heart Energy-Understanding-Forgiveness

Heart Pendant Violet


Heart pendant earrings in the color of your choice

Brings the emotional heart closer to the mind.Energetically improves the cooperation between your two brain halves.

Set: 4 x Heart pendants

Choose four hearts in the colour of your choice-without a chain

Energetic protection, opening your heart so that you are happy.
With a Guardian or a heart, you support yourself and you also wear a beautiful piece of jewellery.


Provides -protection, confidence and calmness.

The Guardian strengthens our energy field.

In daily life and having contact with others we are constantly exposed to energies that affect our physical and mental wellbeing and influence us. Wearing the Guardian surrounds us with a strong force field that protects us against negative influences; it acts as a filter to all the energy and messages and blocks those of no benefit to us.

All levels of our being are strengthened and improved.


In this period of humanity is very important to open our heart and act from the heart  The Ascension Hearts stimulate us to open our heart and activate its energy. It is like a vessel to radiate the light of the heart into our environment.

Guardian and hearts also available with option:

Energized silver necklace in 925 silver