The Ascension Light-Crystal product’s uniqueness is based on the ancient knowledge of light technology and the knowledge of the geometry of form “Holy Geometry”. Thousands of years old, this technology was last in use during the era of Atlantis.
The light and the crystal energy with which all Light-Crystal tools are informed and charged with, is the same light which existed at the beginning of time, the light of creation.
The geometry of form, coupled with the initiation and information of the energy of creation, generates a high-frequency vibration, which awakens the memory of the primal vibration within every atom and cell.
During usage of the Light-Crystal tools, this “healing” increase in frequency vibration leads to an impulse which initiates and frees our self-healing process. Blockages and inner conflicts may be released; regeneration and healing of body, mind and soul may begin. You can compare this process to an orchestra where several instruments are out of tune, when finely tuned instruments are played next to these, the musicians that are playing out of tune are reminded of the correct tuning. And the concert will sound much better.