Highly Sensitive Person

Available Now in English is the Guardian Small with the E-book –“ Hello I am Gwen”

What could be better than combining different products, which both have the same goal? Namely supporting high sensitive children and all other children who can use an extra helping hand.

In the book ‘Hello, I am Gwen’ it is described, that ‘the guardian angel’, a crystal pendant also called ‘small Guardian’, is a daily companion of Gwen.

It gives her a daily, tactile, protection against external influences and other people’s energies. This protection is especially useful for highly sensitive children! because highly sensitive children feel so much from within and also from others.

In addition, Gwen feels that the pendant gives her extra strength in exciting events and in helping her when she wants to express her feelings outwardly.

The Guardian Small is a nice addition to the book. What you are already working on from the inside, is extra protected from the outside!

Because of this beautiful combination, the E-book is now offered together with the pendant in a nice package for the extra attractive price of: € 57.99.

To purchase the E-book plus Guardian small together  please click on this link –https://www.hsp-webshop.nl/en/product/giftset-ebook-hello-i-am-gwen-guardian-of-ascension/